What’s next for Coaching Actuaries

The team at Coaching Actuaries did the math recently and realized we have helped aspiring actuaries prepare with more than 10 million quizzes and mock exams. While that’s a stunning number, we’re just getting started.

Coach K—also known as our lead instructor Dave Kester—is here to tell you about a few exciting updates for Coaching Actuaries in the year (and years) to come. Welcome to what’s next for us:

More to count on.

A Look at Our New Logo

Becoming an actuary is a journey, and we’re proud to be your guide. Our new branding is a reminder to you and our team that we help you create a clear path to your success. Hear from our designer on what the logo represents for aspiring actuaries.

The Story Behind Our Promise

Count on Coaching Actuaries is our new statement of purpose. In an ever-changing world and actuarial profession, count on us to act as your reliable source of knowledge and guidance. Read the story behind our tagline and what it means for you.

Count On Coaching Actuaries, our new tagline, is only the beginning.

~ Coach K