The Story Behind Our Promise

  • Feb 3, 2022
  • 3 min read
Dave Kester
President and Lead Instructor

Why you can Count On Coaching Actuaries

As actuaries, we are doers, we are problem solvers. In short, we like to achieve. As we strive to go places and do things, it’s important that we go in the right direction. This is true for companies as well. That’s why Coaching Actuaries has taken the time this past year to evaluate the direction we are going.

The result—one of many, with more news to come!—is our new slogan Count on Coaching Actuaries.

What this slogan means to us. And more importantly, you.


Quite simply, our reason for being here is so you can Count On Coaching Actuaries. We know you have a difficult road to travel to become an actuary. We want to be your trusted source to help you get there and a resource you can depend on. We know that is a high hurdle because it requires consistently being there in times of need.

What does it mean when you can count on someone? In our case, it means we’re here to answer your questions, help you learn the materials, and provide advice on not only succeeding on the exams but also not burning yourself out on your studies. It means we’re there alongside you on your journey to becoming an actuary, and beyond, too.

We’re already living it.

As it turned out, we were given an excellent opportunity to put this lofty idea into action when the SOA announced major changes to the exam syllabus in 2021. We provided you with exam-by-exam guidance as well as a quick video update. I wanted to remind you that change, while difficult, is also an opportunity.

Our guidance on the SOA syllabus changes was another step in a long line of resources we have created to support our students. We feel we have been living Count on Coaching Actuaries for quite some time, but now we’re putting words toward it, setting our intention, and letting you know our mission for you and our materials.

Bringing it all together.

In summary, we at Coaching Actuaries are evaluating where we want to be and calibrating our compass to ensure we arrive there. One thing we know for certain is that we want you to count on us to navigate the changes and uncertainty of the exams. We want to be your light to lead you to your associate credential.

Until next time,
Count on Coaching Actuaries